Building Better Reputations

Brag Reviews is the reputation management tool that businesses use for better customer interactions.

We help our users do things like:

1.  Connect with customers in meaningful ways

2.  Improve customer experiences

3.  Create customer-centric cultures

4.  Enhance brand reputations




Reputation is earned through interactions with stakeholders.

Make your interactions the best they can be.

Our Solution

We started developing Brag Reviews at the height of COVID-19.

Around us, the world was changing.

Whole industries were moving online.

Incumbents were slipping off.  Entrants were moving up.

Some reputations were being polished.  Others were being destroyed.

The biggest challenge to business leaders?

Having the time to get on top of everything.

It wasn’t that they couldn’t manage their reputations … it was that their marketing teams were bogged down in too much technical work.

Our solution?

Brag Reviews.

What We Do

We developed a platform that compiles every online review into one, easy-to-use platform.

It even aggregates your online reputation into a single score.

Oh, and it tracks your competitors’ reputations too.

Hours spent trawling review sites?

Using complicated formulae to try and calculate gains in brand reputation?

Conducting endless competitor reviews to try and show the C-suite some kind of ROI?

No thanks.  Brag Reviews does everything for you.

It means you and your team get back the hours you used to spend on routine work, freeing up more time for the important stuff.

Meet Bruno.

He’s our furry mascot.

Bruno’s playful, but tenacious and stubbornly loyal.

Kind of like us.

We never take things too seriously, because life’s too short for that.

But, by the same token, we’ll never stop helping our users improve their brand reputations.


Because, like Bruno, it’s in our nature.

Our Vision

To be the No.1 resource businesses look to for brand reputation.


Our Values

Connection with our members. Authenticity in our brand. Fun in work and life.

Our Promise

To help millions of businesses to grow their reputation with our tools.

Our Culture

We practice what we preach – a customer-focus culture grounded in our brand values.

Our Inspiration

A digital world means more opportunities for businesses than ever before.

But those opportunities come with challenges.

More competitors.

Increased specialisation.

An ocean of new platforms and channels.

Keeping track of your customers, your competitors, and your performance?

It’s harder than ever.

We watched as business owners and CEOs we knew struggled with things as simple as keeping track of customer feedback.

So we decided to do something about it.

What We’re Talking About

Our Founders

The caffeine addict and Tim Tam cruncher who brought Brag to life.

Mike Wells

Mike Wells

Co-Founder, Brag Reviews

Mike’s passion for excellence in customer service comes from a conviction that transparency & good ethics is the ‘bullseye’ in business. His relentless focus on continual improvement and solutions is a key driver in our evolution. He can often be seen in the field practicing Archery (silhouetted majestically against the sun) intent on achieving the perfect shot.

Michelle Adams

Michelle Adams

Co-Founder, Brag Reviews

Michelle’s passion for brand reputation comes from experience with customer retention and digital marketing strategies to help businesses scale and is a literal Genie of ideas and inspiration. Her ability to understand the purchasing mindset of the consumer and her passion for connecting people is the magic dust that makes Brag amazing.

Advisory Board

The people who help hold us accountable and ground our crazy ideas.

Peter John Denny

Peter John Denny

Board Member

Peter’s breadth of knowledge is formidable. He is an IT leader and educator with more than 20 years international experience in senior leadership and consultancy roles – an expert in strategy, systems and structure; program and project management; business analysis and solution architecture. Napoleon had nothing on Peter with his ability for strategy and follow through. Plus he just happens to be an all-round nice bloke.

Clive van Deventer

Clive van Deventer

Board Member

Clive has built his reputation as an innovative leader and CEO, driving customer-centric culture and developing medium through to corporate businesses listed on the NYSE and ASX. He has managed P&L’s up to AU$200 million with experience in National & International Marketing and Sales within Medical, Fintech, Hospitality, and Franchising sectors. A true visionary whose strategic thinking keeps our team more on our toes than a Springbok being stalked by a Lion.

Improve your reputation, one review at a time.

Get on top of your brand’s reputation with Brag Reviews.