You want more five-star online reviews.

You want customers who can’t stop talking about you.

You want a brand reputation that glows.

We help you get there.

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One metric to measure your brand’s reputation.

That’s all you need.

Your Brag Score tracks your business’s online performance and produces a single, clear number to track your progress.

Hours spent trying to figure out the ROI of your marketing activities? No thanks.

Your Brag Score is the only brand reputation metric you’ll ever need.

Manage Reviews

Forget about trying to keep up with your customers across dozens of different online review platforms.

Save time by automatically collating every review in one place.

View, filter, and respond to reviews from sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp and Zomato without ever leaving your Brag Dashboard.

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Brag get more five star reviews

Get More Reviews, Fast

Tired of having customers ignore the ‘Leave a Review’ button on your website?

Get more reviews, fast, with Brag’s review collection campaigns.

Create, schedule, and send email campaigns that get five-star reviews where you need them the most.

Learn About CX and Brand Reputation

Upskilling doesn’t have to mean hours of listening to expensive speakers while trying to keep track of the jargon they use with a notepad and a Zoom recording.

Brag’s resource library gives your team the knowledge they need to be better, broken down bite-sized videos that don’t take a dictionary to decipher.

Get practical tips to improve customer experience, discover strategies to manage your brand’s reputation, and find out how to turn lukewarm prospects into fiery brand advocates.

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monitor your competitors

Monitor Your Competition

Keeping track of your primary competitors is tough.

It chews up time and budget that you could be spending on something else.

That’s why Brag’s See My Competitor function automatically keeps track of your rivals’ online reputations.

Continuously monitor up to five competitors, and see how your brand reputation stacks up against theirs.

Improve your reputation, one review at a time.

Get on top of your brand’s reputation with Brag Reviews.

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