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Practical CX Tips That Lead to Real-world Effects

We called our podcast The Brag Effect.


Because the tips we share will get your customers talking about you in all the right ways.

This is a marketing podcast, but we don’t do armchair analyses or long-winded rants.

The Brag Effect talks to real-world business leaders about how they deliver great CX.

That’s it.  No theory.  No speculation.

Just practical advice from successful people.

Customer Loyalty Programs and Staff Incentives

Nick Merry is the CEO of global B2B loyalty company Motivforce. He helps businesses create customer loyalty programs and employee incentives programs, and shares WHY people are loyal to brands is a secret most marketers would kill for along with the best ways to take care of your people.

50 Shades of Great Customer Service and how we can best serve

Catherine Devrye is an internationally recognised customer service expert, as well as a motivational speaker and bestselling author. In this interview she breaks down how businesses can kickstart their customer service efforts – and what you, as an individual, can do to turn up your success.

Strategies to create a great culture and keep good staff in Hospitality

Keeping casual staff can be tough – especially in an industry as harsh and unforgiving as hospitality. We chat to Brett and Kylie, owners of Riba Kai, about how they create a great culture and the effect it has on their business.

How to stand out as an employer when recruiting new staff

The Nudge Group’s business director for digital and data, Dana Stewart, shares her recruitment tips on how to stand out in an industry full of bad practices.

PR Tips on how to gain earned media attention and stand out

We chat to the principal of PR advisory HumanKind Jackie Hanafie about some of the biggest shifts she’s seen over the past two years, and what they mean for businesses.

Creating 5-Star Customer Experiences in eCommerce

Our interview with founder of jewelry brand S-kin Studio, Chi Mai, explains how she and her team create amazing customer experiences in the e-comm space.

Time-boxing – a time management technique that actually works

Business psychologist Emily Johnson, founder of Get Mentally Fit, shares an alternative to to-do lists that actually helps you manage your time.  Find out how time-boxing works.

The Three Steps to Improve Customer Experience in Business

Tom Scantlebury, founder of nationally recognised CX consultancy Sky Blue CX Services, breaks down the three-step process he uses to help his clients improve their CX.

Insight into the 9 Enneagram types for self-awareness

Cindy Scott is CEO of Coach Central and in our interview she helps us explore the Enneagram – and how this personality tool can help us become more successful leaders, teammates, and partners.

Building connections with new customers, first impressions count

We spoke with Brent Claremont Director of Customer Onboarding at Emotive || previously HubSpot NAM & JAPAC, about handling customer expectations in a timely manner, plus having a great business culture.

Using technology to deliver a better customer experience

Luxury Escapes CCO Jason Shugg works in one of the world’s most competitive verticals. That’s why we thought he’d be the perfect person to talk to about customer experience.

Mike Wells

Mike Wells

Co-Founder, Brag Reviews

Michelle Adams

Michelle Adams

Co-Founder, Brag Reviews

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Mike and Michelle are passionate about helping businesses grow and improve through better customer experiences.  As co-founders of Brag Reviews, they know the importance of practical advice – and they love helping businesses get more of it. 

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